10+ Best & Profitable Vehicle Wrap Business Ideas [2023]

Whether you're a graphics designer or a car enthusiast, these 10+ vehicle wrap business ideas for 2023 have the potential to help you make a lucrative income. Find out which ones are the best and most profitable for you!

By Nick Cotter
Updated Feb 07, 2024

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Hello there, future entrepreneurs! Have you ever been stuck in traffic, gazing at the vibrant, eye-catching vehicle wraps cruising by, and thought, "Hey, that could be my business!"? Well, you're not alone. The vehicle wrap industry is booming, and it's time for you to grab the steering wheel!

As we gear up for 2023, it's clear that this industry is not just about slapping logos on company vans anymore. It's about creativity, innovation, and turning every drive into an advertisement journey. Whether you're a graphic designer looking to expand your horizons, or a business enthusiast searching for a profitable venture, vehicle wrap businesses offer a world of opportunities.

So, buckle up as we take you on a journey through the 10+ best and most profitable vehicle wrap business ideas for 2023. We promise it's going to be an exciting ride!

Auto Window Tinting

Auto window tinting is a process that involves applying a thin film to the inside surfaces of a car's windows in order to reduce the amount of visible light that passes through. This process is popular with car owners because it offers improved privacy, comfort, and protection from the sun's UV rays. It can also enhance the aesthetics of a vehicle.

  • Reduced interior temperatures
  • Increased driver comfort
  • Protection from damaging UV rays
  • Improved privacy
  • Aesthetic enhancement
image of a Auto Window Tinting

Automotive Decal Installation

Automotive decal installation is a great business idea as it provides an opportunity to make a good profit. Automotive decals are a great way to customize vehicles and turn them into a unique work of art. They also protect vehicles from wear, tear, and the elements. Decals can be installed on cars, trucks, vans, boats, motorcycles and even ATVs.

  • Variety of materials and colors available
  • Detailed designs can be created to create unique works of art
  • Can be used for advertising or promotional purposes
  • Protects vehicles from wear and tear
  • Cost effective way to customize vehicles
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Examples of successful businesses:

Vehicle wraps have become popular as a form of advertising in recent years, as they are one of the most cost-effective methods to advertise and promote a business. The following is a list of example successful companies in the vehicle wrap business industry:

  • Wraps Shield
  • Grafix Shoppe
  • Fluid Signs
  • Center Line Graphics & Wraps
  • Graphic Ad Art Inc.
  • Wrapped Up Graphics LLC.
  • Five Star Wraps
  • Premier Signs & Wraps
  • Rhino Wraps & Signs Inc.
  • Sticker Genius LLC.

Vinyl Wrap Detailing

Vinyl wrap detailing is a process of applying vinyl sheeting to a vehicle in order to customize its appearance. It’s a popular choice for businesses and car owners alike, because it provides plenty of ways to customize the look of a vehicle while also providing protection from the elements. The wrap detailing process includes cleaning, prepping and applying vinyl stickers on the car's paintwork, before being sealed with an overlaminate. This service can be offered as either a complete transformation, or as partial detailing only.

Benefits of Vinyl Wrap Detailing:

  • Protection from the elements
  • More affordable than repainting
  • Can be customized to match any color or design
  • Durability and long lasting color
  • Easy installation and removal

Off-road Vehicle Customization

Off-road vehicle customization is a popular business idea for people who are interested in customizing and upgrading vehicles for off-road racing. It can involve modifications to suspensions, axles, engines, tires, bodywork and more. It provides an opportunity to make money while working on something you love. Here are some of the benefits a successful off-road vehicle customization business can provide:

  • The ability to create unique and individualized vehicles.
  • Flexible hours and potential income.
  • The ability to control your cost structure.
  • An opportunity to be creative and express yourself.

Exterior Paint Protection Films

Exterior paint protection films are a thin adhesive layer that are applied to the exterior surfaces of vehicles to protect them from minor scratches, dirt and debris. The protective layer is designed to be easily removable and leaves no residue on the car's surface when removed. It can also be used on any other item such as a boat, RV, or an outdoor furniture set. There are numerous advantages to using exterior protection films, which make it a great business opportunity.

  • The protective film is virtually invisible, meaning the car still looks pristine even with the added protection
  • The film keeps the car looking new for longer by drawing away dirt and dust
  • It protects against chipping and scratches from environmental wear-and-tear
  • The film is easy to apply and remove, so there are no worries about damaging the car's finish
  • It can provide cost savings for customers as it can be an inexpensive alternative to repainting or refinishing a car
  • It also helps to maintain resale value of vehicles by protecting the paint job

Custom Vehicle Wraps

A Custom Vehicle wrap is a vinyl decal or advertisement applied to a vehicle’s exterior. This type of marketing is gaining in popularity due to its cost effectiveness and versatility. It can be used to promote a business or product, attract attention, increase brand awareness and provide a striking visual element to the vehicle. It is also a relatively low-cost method of advertising that can be installed quickly with minimal disruption. Here are some benefits of Custom Vehicle Wraps that make it a good business idea:

  • Cost effective and efficient form of advertising
  • Low maintenance and long lasting
  • Unique visual effect that grabs attention
  • Increases brand awareness & visibility
  • Can be applied to any type of vehicle

Street-style Vehicle Wraps

Street-style vehicle wraps are a great way to promote a business, as they can make a vehicle look much more professional and attractive. Vehicle wraps can also be customized to showcase the company's logo, colors and other elements of its brand. They are an affordable way to turn a vehicle into a mobile billboard, offering excellent exposure on the street. Here are some of the benefits of street-style vehicle wraps:

  • Visibility – With a well-designed street-style vehicle wrap, your business will be visible to potential customers wherever you go.
  • Cost Effective – Vehicle wraps can be cheaper than more traditional forms of advertising, such as radio and television ads.
  • Customizable – Vehicle wraps are highly customizable, allowing you to easily create eye-catching designs for your business.
  • Durability – Wraps are designed to withstand the elements, so you don’t have to worry about them fading or peeling over time.

Event/trade Show Vehicle Wraps

Event/trade show vehicle wraps are an effective and cost-efficient way to advertise a business or organization at a trade show. Utilizing a full or partial wrap on a vehicle allows maximum visibility and is eye-catching. Vehicle wraps create an opportunity to generate more leads, increase brand awareness, and introduce new products to potential customers. Here are some of the benefits of investing in an event/trade show vehicle wrap:• Maximum Visibility: Vehicle wraps give businesses maximum visibility. Vehicle wraps can be seen from afar, enabling customers to learn about the product or service quickly and easily. • Cost-Effective Solution: Event/trade show vehicle wraps are more cost-effective than traditional advertising methods such as billboards, print advertisements, and television commercials. • Increased Brand Awareness: Event/trade show vehicle wraps can help to increase brand awareness by making the business or organization’s name stand out in a crowd. • Promotion of Specific Product or Service: Event/trade show vehicle wraps provide a great way to promote a specific product or service while at an event or trade show. This can help draw attention to the product or service being highlighted and lead to more sales.

Pop-up Shop/mobile Business Vehicle Wraps

A Pop-up shop/mobile business vehicle wraps is a great way to market your business, especially if you are a smaller business or operate in a certain area only. It gives you the opportunity to extend your reach and gain more customers. Here are some advantages of using this business idea:

  • The cost of having a pop up shop is low compared to other more permanent types of marketing.
  • It only takes a short amount of time to set up and can be taken down quickly.
  • It allows for a high level of creativity and customization.
  • Using mobile vehicle wraps helps you stand out from other businesses.
  • It is an effective way to advertise and promote your products or services.

Fleet Branding And Truck Wraps

Fleet branding and truck wraps are an innovative way to reach an audience with your business message. This is a cost-effective form of advertising which gives businesses a great return on investment. With fleet branding and truck wraps, you can create a unified look for your vehicles that is bright, eye-catching, and memorable. Benefits of fleet branding and truck wraps include:

  • Increased visibility - Your vehicles will be more visible with strategically placed fleets.
  • Brand reinforcement - With fleet branding, you can create promotional messages that reinforce your brand.
  • Cost effective - Fleet branding and truck wraps are more cost effective than traditional advertising methods.
  • Gain customer trust - By having a professional look to your vehicles, customers will have a higher level of trust in your products and services.


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