10+ Best & Profitable Yoga Studio Business Ideas [2023]

Start your own successful yoga studio business in 2023 with these 10+ profitable yoga studio business ideas. Give yourself the best chance at success with comprehensive advice and resources to help you get started!

By Nick Cotter
Updated Feb 07, 2024

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Hey there, future yogi entrepreneur! Are you ready to take a deep, calming breath and dive into the world of yoga studio businesses? Good, because 2023 is your year to shine. You've probably had this dream brewing in your mind for a while now, and it's high time to turn it into a reality. You've got the passion, the dedication, and the drive - now all you need is the perfect business idea. And guess what? You're in the right place.

We're about to embark on a journey through the 10+ best and most profitable yoga studio business ideas for the upcoming year. Whether you're a seasoned yoga practitioner or a newbie entrepreneur, this guide is designed to inspire, educate, and motivate you. So unroll your yoga mat, get comfortable, and let's start exploring the exciting opportunities that await you in the world of yoga entrepreneurship. Ready? Let's go!

Pilates Studio

A Pilates studio is a business where people come to practice the low-impact exercise and body conditioning system known as Pilates. This type of studio offers classes, equipment, and instruction to help people improve their strength, flexibility, posture and more. A Pilates studio makes a great business idea for several reasons:

  • It is not limited to any age group or activity level – everyone can benefit from Pilates.
  • It requires minimal equipment and space to operate.
  • People can pay for classes per session or buy bulk packages for discounts.
  • Classes can be adapted to suit different needs and levels of experience.
  • Pilates studios can offer additional services such as PT sessions, nutrition advice or physiotherapy.
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Hot Yoga Studio

A Hot Yoga studio is a yoga studio with a higher-than-normal room temperature. This temperature, which can range from 94-105°F (that’s 34-41°C), can help people safely deepen their stretches, reduce stress and remove toxins from the body. Hot Yoga studios are becoming increasingly popular because of the many benefits they offer, making a Hot Yoga studio an excellent business idea.

  • Increased flexibility and range of motion
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Detoxification of the body
  • Soothing and calming effects on the body and mind
  • Better posture, balance, and coordination
  • Boosted immune system function
  • Enhanced heart and lung health
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Examples of successful businesses:

Yoga studios are becoming increasingly popular, with many entrepreneurs realizing their dreams of owning and running their own successful yoga studio businesses. The following is a list of some of the most successful companies in the industry:

  • YogaWorks
  • CorePower Yoga
  • Down Dog Yoga
  • Yogalife Studios
  • Bend Yoga & Barre
  • Dharma Yoga NYC
  • Pure Yoga NYC
  • Sunrise Yoga & Wellness
  • Sacred Sounds Yoga
  • Yoga Six

Hatha Yoga Studio

A Hatha yoga studio is a space dedicated to the practice of Hatha yoga. Hatha yoga is a form of yoga practice that involves physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation. It promotes physical, mental, and spiritual balance. Establishing a Hatha yoga studio can be a great business opportunity as it appeals to those who wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle, relieve stress, and learn to relax in their daily lives. Some of the advantages of starting a Hatha yoga studio include:

  • Improving physical health through stretching and strengthening the body
  • Reducing stress, improving sleep quality and encouraging relaxation
  • Creating an atmosphere for meditation and spiritual growth
  • Offering classes that cater to all levels of experience
  • Providing an opportunity to get away from everyday life and focus on self-care

Power Yoga Studio

Power yoga studios offer classes that focus on building strength and endurance. They are an ideal option for those looking to progress their practice of traditional yoga or to add variety to a fitness routine. Notable benefits of power yoga include improved cardiovascular health, stress relief, muscle toning, and increased flexibility. Power yoga classes also typically feature music to keep the class lively and energetic. Power yoga studios make a great business idea because they offer a product that is popular amongst all age groups and is continuing to grow in popularity.

  • Offer a product that is popular amongst all age groups
  • Help improve cardiovascular health, stress relief, muscle toning and flexibility
  • Keep the class lively and energetic with music
  • Progress practice of traditional yoga or add variety to a fitness routine

Restorative Yoga Studio

A Restorative yoga studio offers a unique form of yoga that is focused on relaxation and restoration. The practice puts an emphasis on breathing, gentle movements and the use of props to create a supportive environment for students. This type of yoga studio could offer a range of benefits for students such as:

  • Reduction in stress levels
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Improved physical and mental health
  • Increased relaxation and peace of mind
  • Increased mindfulness
  • Decreased pain and discomfort
  • Increased inner strength and balance

A Restorative yoga studio would be a great business idea as it could cater to people who are looking for an alternative form of exercise or just need some time to relax and restore their bodies. Additionally, this type of studio could be an invaluable source of stress relief in today’s world.

Vinyasa Yoga Studio

A Vinyasa yoga studio is a business dedicated to offering classes and services related to the popular Vinyasa style of yoga. This type of studio offers physical and mental health benefits in a supportive, non-competitive environment. It's an attractive business idea as it provides:

  • A unique service to the community
  • The potential for growth with new classes, trainings, and workshops
  • Opportunities to serve both experienced yogis and beginners
  • The chance to establish relationships with clients who are looking for a sense of belonging and connection
  • Accessibility to a larger audience through virtual classes
  • The potential for additional revenue streams from retail sales, teacher trainings, and wellness workshops.

Yin Yoga Studio

Yin yoga is a type of yoga that is designed to target the deep connective tissues of the body, as well as fascia and ligaments. Unlike other styles of yoga, which are mainly focused on improving strength, flexibility and balance, Yin yoga is designed to stimulate the body’s natural healing process by stretching and softening the "stuck" areas of the body. A Yin yoga studio provides an atmosphere of relaxation and healing, making it an ideal business opportunity for those interested in providing a soothing environment for clients.

  • Yin Yoga is a specialized type of yoga that focuses on selling calming and healing effects.
  • It appeals to users who are looking for a more serene atmosphere than traditional high-intensity yoga.
  • Yin Yoga studios can be designed in a variety of ways, such as dim lighting, peaceful music, and scented candles.
  • This type of environment is ideal for those seeking relaxation and stress relief.
  • Yin Yoga studios can offer other services, such as acupuncture treatments or massage therapies.

Acro Yoga Studio

A Acro yoga studio is a business idea that focuses on providing acrobatic yoga classes to customers. Acrobatic yoga, or acroyoga, combines traditional yoga poses with elements of acrobatics and Thai massage in an interactive and playful practice. This type of yoga is often practiced in pairs, with one partner acting as the flyer and the other partner as the base. It offers an engaging, creative way to practice yoga, build strength and flexibility, deepen relationships with partners and peers, practice trust and communication skills, and increase body awareness. Here are some benefits of opening a Acro yoga studio:

  • A unique service offering that appeals to many different age groups.
  • Provides unique physical activity for people looking for something different than traditional yoga.
  • Creates an environment of playfulness and collaboration among participants.
  • Can be easily adapted to different levels of skill.
  • Potential to reach new clients through online classes and workshops.

Aerial Yoga Studio

Aerial yoga studio is a business concept that combines traditional yoga poses with a suspended fabric called a hammock. Participants use the fabric to assist them in stretching, postures and inversions that aren't possible without the aid of the hammock. It's also known as “antigravity” or “suspension” yoga.

  • The main advantage of this type of studio is that it provides an elevated experience while minimizing impact on the joints.
  • Aerial yoga classes are fun and provide unique benefits such as improved balance, core strength, and flexibility.
  • Some studios offer specialized classes and workshops, like handstands and partner yoga.
  • The minimal overhead required to open an aerial yoga studio makes it an attractive business option.
  • Aerial yoga provides a unique opportunity to market to a growing demographic of participants looking for new experiences in their fitness routine.

Therapeutic Yoga Studio

A therapeutic yoga studio is a type of yoga class that focuses on relaxation and healing. This type of yoga practice provides a sense of comfort, peace, and positive energy for the practitioner. It can also be used as a form of physical therapy for injuries or illnesses. Therapeutic yoga studios can offer a range of services such as private sessions, group classes, specialized workshops, and special events. This type of yoga business has great potential as it can provide individuals with an effective way to regain physical strength, reduce stress, and improve overall well-being.

  • Provides relaxation and healing
  • Can be used as physical therapy
  • Offers private sessions, group classes and more
  • Potential to reduce stress and improve overall well-being


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