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10+ Best & Profitable Waterfront Business Ideas in 2023

Owning a waterfront business can be a dream come true for many entrepreneurs. Not only does it provide you with a stunning backdrop for your business, but it also offers you the opportunity to engage customers in unique ways. As the world begins transitioning into a post-pandemic state, this particular industry is estimated to grow significantly in the coming year. With that in mind, here are 10+ of the most profitable waterfront business ideas that you should consider starting in 2023. From boat tours and fishing charters to beach clubs and boat rental services, these options offer an array of possibilities and opportunities for creative destination experiences. Whether you're looking to start something small or build a large scale business venture, these ideas are sure to satisfy your entrepreneurial cravings and make a splash in your local community. So grab your life preserver and read on to learn more about the top 10+ profitable waterfront business ideas of 2023.

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April 2, 2023
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Table of Contents:

Our List of 10+ Best Waterfront Business Ideas:

1. Boat Tour Company.

A boat tour company is a business that offers customers sightseeing tours on the water. It can be a great business idea because there are numerous advantages, including:

  • It is an exciting and unique experience.
  • It can provide unparalleled views of the local area.
  • It gives tourists an opportunity to take in the natural beauty of the region and learn about its culture and history.
  • It can be a great source of income for those who have knowledge of the local waterways.

2. Fishing Charter.

A fishing charter is a business that offers a guided fishing experience to its customers. Fishing charters have become increasingly popular in recent years, and many anglers view it as an affordable way to enjoy a day out on the water. With this type of business, customers will be able to choose from a variety of trips, such as deep sea fishing, lake fishing, river fishing, and more. Additionally, customers will be provided with experienced guides and top-of-the-line equipment.

  • Offer guided fishing trips
  • Provide experienced guides
  • Offer a variety of trips
  • Include high-quality equipment
  • Provide a memorable outdoor experience

3. Marina.

A marina is a facility located on a body of water that provides docking space and services such as fuel, storage, and repairs for boats and other watercraft. Starting a marina can be an exciting business venture and has many benefits, including the following:

  • Fostering community: People who own boats or use them for recreation often form close relationships with each other and spending time together on the same marina.
  • Opportunities for other businesses: Marinas provide ideal locations for businesses like vacation rentals, restaurants, or waterfront stores.
  • Year-round income: Depending on the location, marinas can offer services year-round and create ongoing revenue.
  • Environmental stewardship: Marinas can help protect ecosystems by supporting policies such as no-discharge zones or the use of green technology.

4. Seafood Restaurant.

A seafood restaurant is a great business idea because it provides a unique culinary experience that is in demand. Seafood restaurants offer a wide variety of menu items, which can lead to an ever-changing menu offering something for everyone. By providing delicious and fresh seafood options, customers are highly likely to return time and time again for the unique atmosphere and delicious food. Some of the benefits of running a seafood restaurant include:

  • Fresh, high quality ingredients with local sourcing options
  • High customer loyalty
  • An ever-evolving dish list
  • An opportunity to create an inviting atmosphere

5. Water Sports Rental Shop.

A water sports rental shop is a business that specializes in renting out equipment related to water-based activities such as surfing, wakeboarding, kayaking, and more. This type of business can be a great way for people to explore and engage in activities they otherwise may not have the chance to enjoy. Water sports rentals could provide an additional stream of income for people looking to open a business and make a great option for those who enjoy being near the water and interacting with others.

  • A variety of rentals available to meet customers' varying needs
  • Secure income as customers can continually rent the same equipment
  • Provides services and access to activities not readily available
  • Can be accommodated to different budgets
  • Interaction with individuals who are passionate about similar hobbies

6. Beach Resort.

A beach resort is an establishment located near the beach that offers amenities such as lodging, restaurants, recreational activities, and entertainment for visitors. It is a great business idea because:

  • It offers visitors an opportunity to relax and enjoy themselves.
  • Beach resorts attract tourists from all over the world.
  • The location provides great scenery and natural beauty.
  • They can offer unique experiences such as water sports or eco-tours.
  • Beach resorts can be profitable when done right.

7. Cruiseship Business.

A cruiseship business is a business that operates one or more cruise ships to take passengers on leisure trips, usually to a variety of different destinations. It can be a very lucrative business and make a great business idea for people seeking a fascinating career in the travel and tourism industry.

  • Operating a cruiseship business offers many possibilities for entrepreneurs to offer unique travel experiences and services.
  • This type of business involves offering onboard activities, entertainment, food, drink and other services for passengers to enjoy during their cruise.
  • The cruise industry is an ever-growing market with plenty of potential for growth and expansion.
  • With the rise of social media, cruiseship businesses can easily reach an even wider audience to promote their services and get new customers.
  • Cruiseships can be used to transport large amounts of goods and cargo which can open up additional revenue streams beyond passengers.

8. Sailing School.

A sailing school is a business that provides instruction and training to people looking to learn how to sail. Starting a sailing school can be an excellent business idea as it has the potential to be both fun and lucrative. Here are some benefits of starting a sailing school:

  • Opportunity to share knowledge with others
  • Potential to build trust and relationships with clients
  • Good income potential from charging for instruction and use of facilities
  • Ability to offer sailing trips, charters, and excursions for extra revenue
  • Chance to teach people valuable life skills such as responsibility, problem-solving, and teamwork

9. Yacht Club.

A yacht club is an organization or facility that provides services and activities for members who own, charter, build, or are simply interested in yachting. Yacht clubs often include services such as boat rental and storage, sailing classes, social activities, sailing competitions, and marina facilities. They may also have on-site restaurants and bars.

  • Provide boat rental and storage
  • Offer sailing classes
  • Organize social activities
  • Host sailing competitions
  • Include marina facilities
  • Have on-site restaurants and bars

Yacht clubs can make a great business idea as there is a growing trend towards recreational boating. With the rise of the leisure class, yacht clubs can provide opportunities for members to network with like-minded people who share a passion for boating. Additionally, yacht clubs provide many services that are beneficial to the boating community such as boat rental, sailing classes, and marina facilities. This makes yacht clubs an attractive business option for those looking to capitalize on the increasing interest in recreational boating.

10. Kayaking Or Paddle Board Outfitter.

A kayaking or paddle board outfitter is a business that rents, sells and repairs kayaks, paddle boards, and related accessories. It makes a great business idea because it offers customers the chance to explore their local waterways while also providing recreational options for those who don't own their own equipment. Some of the advantages of starting such a business include:

  • Low overhead cost
  • High demand in areas with many waterways or bodies of water
  • Provides a unique recreational experience
  • Potential for year-round income depending on the weather
  • Ability to customize packages and services to meet customer needs.
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Successful Examples of Waterfront Businesses:

The waterfront business industry is full of successful companies who have made an impact on the local, regional and global economy. Here is a list of some of the top companies in this sector:

  • FerryCorp
  • HarborBoys Marine Services
  • Expedition Cruise Line
  • Pearl Bay Yacht Rentals
  • Gulf Coast Marina
  • Maritime Ventures, LLC
  • Southern Seas Shipping & Logistics
  • Ports & Harbors Solutions Inc.
  • Atlantic Waterfront LLC
  • Northshore Harbor Freight & Cargo Co.
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