10+ Best & Profitable Street Food Business Ideas [2023]

Discover the top street food business ideas for 2023, and start making money quickly. Get insider tips on which businesses to get started with, start-up costs, and potential profits. Find out which street food business ideas are profitable and lucrative for entrepreneurs who want to make money in 2023.

By Nick Cotter
Updated Feb 07, 2024

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Ever dreamt of being your own boss? Ever been tantalized by the sizzling, mouth-watering aromas wafting from a street food cart? Well, you're not alone! Street food has been the heart and soul of many cities around the world, and it's a booming industry that's just waiting for you to dive in.

Imagine this: you, standing behind your very own food cart, serving up delectable dishes that have people lining up for more. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? But where do you start? What kind of street food should you sell? How do you make it profitable?

Don't worry, we've got you covered. Welcome to our guide on the '10+ Best & Profitable Street Food Business Ideas in 2023'. This isn't just a list, it's your roadmap to success, packed with ideas, tips, and strategies to help you create a street food business that's not only profitable but also deeply satisfying. So, ready to embark on this culinary adventure? Let's get started!

Hot Dog Cart

A Hot Dog Cart is a mobile food service that sells hot dogs, sausages, and other items. It is usually operated by one or two people, who serve customers right out of the cart. Hot Dog Carts are very popular in cities across the United States and can be found in many downtown areas, parks, and on college campuses.

  • Easy to Start – A hot dog cart business can be started with a small amount of capital.
  • Low Overhead – Since you don’t need to rent a physical location, your overhead costs are much lower than a traditional brick-and-mortar business.
  • Potential for Growth – While some hot dog cart businesses may stay small and local, there is potential for growth as the business develops relationships with more customers.
  • High Profit Margin – The cost of operating a hot dog cart is relatively low, which allows for greater potential profit margins.
image of a Hot Dog Cart

Falafel Stand

A falafel stand is a street food business that serves popular Middle Eastern fried chickpea balls. It would make an ideal business idea because:

  • It is inexpensive to operate and requires very few ingredients.
  • It appeals to a large range of eaters, from vegetarians to meat-eaters.
  • The product is easy to transport and can be served at events, festivals and markets.
  • The product can be relatively profitable due to its low cost and high demand.
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Examples of successful businesses:

Street food is a popular industry all around the world, as it offers people delicious meals and snacks for reasonable prices. Here are some example successful companies in the street food business industry:

  • Dave's Dogs in San Francisco, California
  • Haute Doggery in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Frites & Meats in Jersey City, New Jersey
  • Curry Up Now in San Francisco, California
  • Big Kahuna Taco Truck in Los Angeles, California
  • Soul StrEAT Mobile Kitchen in Dallas, Texas
  • Go Fish Fish and Chips To-Go in Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Paella on Wheels in Miami, Florida
  • Virgil’s Jamaica Food Vendors in Kingston, Jamaica
  • Chi’Lantro BBQ Food Truck in Austin and Houston, Texas.

Crepe Truck

A Crepe truck is a mobile food service vehicle that specializes in selling crepes. Crepes are thin pancakes with a variety of fillings that are served hot and often times can be eaten on-the-go, making them a convenient and popular option for hungry consumers.

  • It is an inexpensive business to start, as crepes require minimal ingredients and equipment.
  • Crepe trucks are easy to move around, allowing the owner to take their business from one location to another or even follow festivals and events.
  • Because people can buy crepes quickly and take them with them, a crepe truck can acquire many customers in one location in just a short amount of time.
  • The variety of fillings available allows customers to try something different every time they visit the truck, making them more likely to return.

Empanada Truck

A Empanada truck is a type of mobile kitchen that serves empanadas - a traditional South American savory pastry turnover filled with a variety of ingredients. Empanada trucks make a great business idea as they offer customers tasty convenience and variety, as well as being relatively inexpensive to start up.

  • Empanadas are quick and easy to eat, making them perfect for busy people on the go.
  • They are made from fresh ingredients so their quality and taste can be ensured.
  • The menu can be easily adapted to accommodate food allergies or preferences.
  • The flavor combinations are nearly limitless, allowing for menu variety to keep customers interested.
  • Empanadas are inexpensive compared to many other types of meals so they appeal to customers who want good food without breaking the bank.
  • An empanada truck is fairly low cost to start up compared to opening a restaurant and it can travel to different locations giving the business flexibility.

Soft Pretzel Cart

A Soft Pretzel Cart is a business where freshly made soft pretzels are sold from a cart in an area with a lot of foot traffic. It is a great business opportunity for someone looking to start a foodservice venture as it requires very little capital to get started and is simple to operate. Here are some of the potential benefits of running a Soft Pretzel Cart business:

  • Low startup cost
  • Easy to manage and operate
  • High profit margin
  • Great potential for long-term growth
  • Potential to attract loyal customers

Kebab Stand

A Kebab stand is a portable food stall that primarily servesTurkish and Middle Eastern-style kebabs. It makes a great business idea as it typically has a low startup cost and depending on the location can be highly profitable due to the high demand for kebab-style food. Here are some reasons why it could be a worthwhile venture:

  • Customers enjoy the convenience of being able to purchase a tasty meal from an easily accessible source
  • Kebabs can be served in various forms, including tacos, pita, wraps and skewers, which makes them attractive to all types of eaters
  • Kebab stands typically offer a wide variety of toppings and condiments, catering to all tastes and dietary requirements
  • Kebabs can be prepared quickly and cheaply making them an ideal fast-food option for time-constrained customers
  • It’s possible to offer ready-made meals as well as custom creations allowing customers to create their own kebab masterpieces

Ice Cream Cart

Ice cream carts are mobile units designed to sell and serve ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet, and other frozen treats. Ice cream carts are a great business idea because they offer a variety of benefits:

  • Low start-up costs
  • Ability to quickly expand
  • Highly visible
  • Portable – easy to move around
  • Attracts attention – good for marketing
  • Flexible hours – can work when it's convenient for you

Taco Truck

A taco truck is a mobile food vendor serving up delicious Mexican cuisine like tacos and burritos. It is a great business idea because:

  • It requires minimal start-up costs;
  • Customers appreciate the convenience of a mobile food service;
  • It can be tailored to fit your individual tastes and menu;
  • You have the flexibility to move around to different areas of the city with high foot traffic.

Churro Cart

A Churro cart is a great business idea for people looking to start their own business. A Churro cart allows you to create a variety of delicious treats that can be enjoyed by all. Here are some of the benefits of starting a Churro cart:

  • You can make and sell a variety of snacks, such as churros, cookies, and cupcakes
  • You can provide an affordable and convenient snack option for customers on the go
  • It’s a great way to showcase your culinary skills
  • A Churro cart is relatively easy to set up
  • It’s a low-cost business venture with potential for high profits

Fried Dough Stand

A Fried Dough stand is a business concept that focuses on selling sweet and/or savory fried dough pastries. These items can range from old-fashioned doughnuts to more contemporary creations such as churros, krapfen, or elephant ears. This type of business concept makes a good business idea because:

  • It is relatively inexpensive to set up and maintain.
  • It offers a wide variety of products for customers to choose from.
  • It does not require extensive culinary skills or training.
  • It can be located in a variety of areas, including shopping malls and street fairs.
  • The product is popular with customers of all ages.


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