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10+ Best & Profitable Roadside Business Ideas in 2023

As technological advances make it easier for people to stay at home and work, the number of businesses that have left the traditional office environment and moved to a virtual or home office has increased dramatically. However, there are still a variety of businesses that require an entrepreneur to be out in the field and provide services on-the-go. One of the best and most profitable ways to make a living while also taking advantage of available technology is to start your own roadside business. Starting a profitable roadside business doesn't have to be difficult, with the right combination of knowledge, skill, and dedication - it can be one of the best business ventures out there. In this article, we'll take a look at 10 plus of the best and profitable roadside business ideas for 2023. We'll discuss which types of roadside businesses are bound to give you the most success based on your location and target market, as well as provide general tips for making your roadside venture successful. Whether you're looking to start a food truck business, pet care services, or anything in between - you'll find plenty of ideas here that will kickstart your very own roadside business!

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April 2, 2023
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Table of Contents:

Our List of 10+ Best Roadside Business Ideas:

1. Car Detailing.

Car detailing is a process of thoroughly cleaning, polishing and waxing the exterior and interior of a vehicle. It is the art of restoring a car to its very best condition, removing scratches and swirl marks, restoring the shine to paintwork and bringing back the interior to near showroom condition. Car detailing can be an excellent business idea for those with automotive expertise and a great eye for detail.

  • It has low startup costs
  • It can be done at a variety of locations (at your place of business or at the customer's home)
  • You can offer specialized services such as ceramic coating, window tinting and engine detailing
  • It enables you to work with cars you love
  • You can establish yourself as someone who specializes in specific makes or models
  • You get remain actively involved in a creative process

2. Smoothie Stand.

A smoothie stand is a great business idea for aspiring entrepreneurs. It has a low cost to get started, requires little equipment and ingredients, and can be easily run from your home or a roadside location. You can quickly make delicious smoothies for customers at an affordable price. The following are some of the advantages of a smoothie stand:

  • Can be located in any area with access to the public.
  • Low startup costs, as ingredients and equipment are relatively inexpensive.
  • Can be easily operated from home or other roadside locations.
  • Quickly make delicious smoothies for customers at an affordable price.
  • Can operate year round or seasonally according to demand.

3. Mobile Auto Repair.

A mobile auto repair is a business idea that provides auto repair services directly to the customer, either at their home or business. The convenience of having the repair shop come to you is a major advantage that customers can appreciate, as they don’t have to worry about making a trip to the shop. This makes it possible for them to save time and money.

  • The convenience of having the work done at your location.
  • Saves customers time and money.
  • Provides flexibility for customers.
  • Ability to offer more specialized services, such as custom parts and repairs.
  • Potential for increased customer loyalty due to convenience.

4. Hot Dog Cart.

A hot dog cart is a mobile food service business. It is a great business idea as it has many advantages. These advantages include:

  • It allows you to operate in different locations with the same setup.
  • You can offer customers freshly cooked, quality food quickly.
  • It is relatively low cost to operate, so you can keep your prices competitive.
  • It is easy to transport, so you can travel to events or take advantage of busy areas.
  • You have total control over the ingredients used and the menu options offered.

5. Roadside Fruit Stand.

A roadside fruit stand is a small business that sells fresh fruit directly to customers, generally from a roadside stand or cart. It is a simple and convenient way to offer healthy produce to people on the go. This could be a great business idea for many reasons:

  • Minimal start-up costs and overhead
  • Ability to adjust location depending on customer demand and/or seasons
  • Opportunity to work with local farmers to source fresh produce
  • Able to make sales quickly with cash transactions

6. Snow Cone Stand.

A snow cone stand is a business that sells shaved ice with various flavors of syrup poured over it. It is a perfect summertime treat, and with the right location, seasonal setup, and flavorings, it can be a great business idea.

  • It doesn't require much overhead to get started.
  • It has wide appeal to people of all ages.
  • It's a simple and convenient way to cool down in the summertime.
  • You can easily customize flavors and offer unique combinations.
  • Snow cones are relatively inexpensive for customers, making them attractive for those on a budget.

7. Pet Grooming.

Pet grooming is the practice of providing cosmetic and medical care to animals, such as bathing, brushing, clipping of fur, and nail trimming. It can also involve other activities such as checking for fleas and ticks, administering flea and heart worm treatments, and providing additional medical treatments. Pet grooming can be a great business idea because:

  • It is a service that is in demand by pet owners across the world.
  • It involves relatively low startup costs compared to other types of businesses.
  • It has the potential to be highly profitable.
  • It can be operated with flexible hours.

8. Car Wash Facility.

A car wash facility is an automated or manual service that cleans a car’s exterior and interior surfaces. This type of business can make for a great business idea since it requires minimal staff and overheads, offers a convenient service to customers, and formulates an effective revenue stream. Some of the key benefits are listed below:

  • Low overhead costs
  • Convenient service for busy drivers
  • Flexible hours
  • Low staff requirements
  • Effective revenue streams from multiple services
  • Potential for upselling of services such as waxing, detailing, etc.

9. Ice Cream Truck.

An ice cream truck is a type of mobile food vehicle that sells frozen desserts, such as ice cream, popsicles, and other frozen treats. It is an ideal business for people looking for a way to be their own boss and make a living off of something enjoyable. Here are some reasons why an ice cream truck can make a good business idea:

  • The business can be operated with minimal start-up costs.
  • The product is guaranteed to sell, as many people love ice cream.
  • The business has the potential to generate repeat customers.
  • It offers entrepreneurs a way to build a personalized brand.
  • Ice cream trucks typically have high profit margins due to their low overhead.

10. Mobile Mechanic.

A mobile mechanic is a type of mechanic that travels to the customer’s location instead of customers having to travel to a shop. It is a great business idea because:

  • It is convenient and saves customers time.
  • There is potential for low overhead costs.
  • You can offer a variety of services, from oil changes and tire rotations to more complex engine repairs.
  • The door-to-door service draws in customers who may not have access to traditional auto shops.
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Successful Examples of Roadside Businesses:

The roadside business industry is highly competitive and has seen a number of successful companies emerge in recent years. Examples of some of the leading players in the market today include:

  • AAA
  • Agero
  • Allstate Motor Club
  • Geico Emergency Road Service
  • State Farm Roadside Assistance
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