10+ Best & Profitable Party Supplies Business Ideas [2023]

Get party-ready in 2023 with these top 10+ profitable party supplies business ideas! From eco-friendly decorations to delicious treats and exciting activities, providing the best party supplies is a great way to jump start your business. Learn more now!

By Nick Cotter
Updated Feb 07, 2024

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Hey there, future entrepreneur! Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a party, surrounded by balloons, streamers, and laughter, thinking, "I could make a business out of this"? Well, you're not alone. The party supplies industry is booming, and 2023 is set to be a year of even greater opportunities. This isn't just about selling plates and napkins; it's about creating experiences, sparking joy, and making memorable moments. So, are you ready to turn your passion for parties into a profitable venture? Let's dive into the world of party supplies business and uncover the top 10+ ideas that could help you hit the jackpot in 2023!

Customized Balloons

Customized Balloons are a great business idea, as they combine fun and creativity with the potential to make a profit. They offer an easily scalable product that can be adapted and tailored to any occasion or customer's preferences. Here are some of the advantages of starting a customized balloon business:

  • Low startup costs: balloons are relatively inexpensive, and you don't need a lot of expensive equipment or premises to get started.
  • Direct engagement: when you design custom balloons for people, you get to be part of their celebrations and special occasions.
  • Wide market: balloons can be used for almost any event or occasion, from birthday parties to weddings and corporate events.
  • Scalable: it is easy to scale up your business when demand increases.
image of a Customized Balloons

Personalized Party Favors

Personalized Party Favors is a great way to add a special touch to any special occasion. With the right resources and creativity, personalized favors can be made for any kind of event or gathering. Whether you choose to make them yourself or outsource the work, this party favor idea can be quite profitable. Here are some benefits of starting a business in personalized party favors:

  • Low startup costs.
  • High demand - no matter the occasion, everyone loves a personal touch!
  • Niche market - Most people will be willing to pay a premium for something unique.
  • Flexibility - You can tailor your products to suit any kind of occasion or budget.
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Examples of successful businesses:

Many companies have made a successful impact on the party supplies business industry. Here is a list of some of the more notable companies in this sector:

  • Party City
  • B-Day Direct
  • Shindigz
  • Birthday Express
  • Oriental Trading Co.
  • Windy City Novelties
  • Discount Party Supplies
  • Party Pieces
  • Parties4Less.com
  • Costume SuperCenter


Tableware is a broad term used to describe items used for eating and serving food such as plates, cups, and utensils. Tableware can also include decorative items like tablecloths, placemats, and centerpieces. Starting a tableware business is a great way to make money as it is an evergreen product that can be sold online or in shops. Here are some advantages of starting a tableware business:

  • Low startup costs
  • No need to rent a space
  • Can target multiple markets (online, retail stores, wholesalers)
  • Easily scaleable
  • Excellent customer service opportunities due to customer-facing employees
  • Creative design options for customers
  • Potential for repeat customers if you offer exceptional products and customer service.

Beverage Containers

A Beverage Container is an item used to store and transport drinks, like water bottles and beer cans. Starting a business in this area can be a great way to make money because it offers multiple benefits.

  • It is a wide-ranging industry, meaning there is great potential for growth.
  • The product is always in demand.
  • It offers many options for customization.
  • There are numerous opportunities for marketing and advertising.

Candles & Candle Holders

Candles and Candle Holders are an excellent business idea as they offer a variety of appealing products that can be used for both decorations and practicality. They provide an attractive way to add some ambiance to any room or outdoor setting, while also providing a useful source of light. Benefits:- Candles and Candle Holders have been around for centuries and are still a popular decoration item- They can be used for both decoration and light- They create a warm, inviting atmosphere - Can be used as centrepieces or table decorations - Easy to make, low startup costs - Wide range of products to choose from, such as wax melts, tea lights, jar candles, votive candles etc. - Creative outlet for those wanting to explore the world of candle making

Disposable Plates & Utensils

Disposable plates and utensils can be a great business idea as they provide convenience, cost savings, and environmental advantages. • Convenience: Disposable plates and utensils are perfect for picnics, large family dinners, catering events and other occasions where time is limited or a large clean-up is not desirable. They are light-weight, easy to store and dispose of, and can be easily replaced with new fresh items.• Cost Savings: Disposable plates and utensils are significantly less expensive than their non-disposable counterparts. They do not require the same level of care or repairs, therefore they can save on maintenance costs.• Environmentally Friendly: Many disposable plates and utensils are biodegradable or recyclable. This means that they will not end up in landfills or in our waterways like traditional tableware items would. This reduces waste while helping to protect the environment.

Banners & Decorations

Banners & Decorations is a business idea perfect for those who are looking to make a unique and personal statement. Not only is it easy to set up, but it's also cost effective and can be used to celebrate special occasions or to decorate any room or outdoor space. Some of the advantages of starting a Banners & Decorations business include:

  • Low start-up costs
  • Can be easily customized to fit individual needs
  • A great way to add a personal touch to any event
  • Business can be launched with minimal resources and training
  • Can provide a steady source of income

Bakeware Sets & Cake Toppers

Bakeware Sets & Cake Toppers are a great business idea for those looking to get started in the world of baking! This type of product is perfect for bakers who want to create custom cakes and desserts for special occasions or just for fun. With a Bakeware Sets & Cake Toppers business, you can provide customers with a wide range of options to choose from, allowing them to bring their own unique flair and creativity to their cakes. Here are some advantages of starting a Bakeware Sets & Cake Toppers business:

  • You can customize the shapes and colors of the cake toppers according to your customer's wishes.
  • You have the potential to reach a large customer base with a variety of styles and designs.
  • You can expand your product line by offering new materials such as glass, clay, and metal.
  • You can create unique designs that would be difficult or impossible to recreate at home.
  • You can stay up-to-date with trends and seasonal designs.

Costumes, Wigs, & Makeup

Costumes, Wigs, & Makeup is a great business idea for people who are looking to get creative and have fun with their looks. This type of business can provide a wide variety of options to customers such as costumes, wigs and makeup for Halloween, cosplay events, photoshoots, and more. Some of the benefits that a Costumes, Wigs & Makeup business provides include:

  • A wide variety of products and services.
  • The ability to customize products for customers.
  • The opportunity to create unique looks for events or photoshoots.
  • The potential to be involved in different markets such as theatrical productions or TV shows.

Paper Goods

A Paper Goods business specializes in selling paper-based goods, such as writing paper, envelopes, stickers, cards, and other stationery items. It is a great business idea as it can be made accessible to everyone and requires very little in terms of resources and capital. Here are some benefits of starting a paper goods business:

  • Low start-up cost – it is not expensive to set up and doesn’t require too much investment.
  • Flexible – you can start in any size space or area.
  • High demand – there is always going to be a demand for quality stationery items.
  • Easy to market – the potential customers are already out there and you can easily target them via email campaigns or social media.
  • It’s creative – you can create unique paper goods that reflect your personality into your products.


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