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10+ Best & Profitable Marine Business Ideas in 2023

Marine businesses have been around for centuries and have a significant impact on many people’s lives. As the world progresses further into the 21st century, marine businesses are becoming more crucial for society. In 2023, we will see a number of innovative and profitable opportunities for those looking to start a marine-based business. From boat building to seafood production and aquaculture, these 10+ best and profitable marine business ideas provide a wealth of options to explore in the coming years. Each idea has its own unique set of challenges, but the potential rewards are plentiful. With advancements in technology, the marine business landscape is rapidly changing, enabling entrepreneurs to develop solutions that were once not possible. If you’re looking to start a business in the marine sector this year, then you should certainly consider one of these top 10+ profitable marine business ideas for 2023.

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April 2, 2023
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Table of Contents:

Our List of 10+ Best Marine Business Ideas:

1. Boat Repair Shop.

A boat repair shop is a business that specializes in fixing and maintaining boats. It would make a great business idea because:

  • It provides a service to local marinas, boat owners, and sailors.
  • It allows for customer relationships to be built with the local community.
  • It could potentially offer additional services such as fabric repairs and other customization options.
  • It offers high profit margins due to the specialized nature of the equipment and repairs.

2. Marine Surveying Service.

A Marine surveying service is a business that provides a variety of services related to the inspection and assessment of a number of boats, vessels and equipment in the maritime environment. Services include:

  • Inspection and assessment of boats, vessels, and equipment
  • Valuation and market analysis of vessels
  • Damage assessment for insurance purposes
  • Vessel repair and maintenance consult
  • Pilotage services
  • Inspection to ensure legal compliance with regulations and codes on operation, safety, labor practices, health and hygiene

A marine surveying service has excellent potential for growth as the demand for vessel inspection increases with advances in marine technology. With the right skills and knowledge, any marine surveying service business can offer excellent customer service in a specialized sector of the industry.

3. Water Sports Rental Business.

A Water sports rental business is a great business idea for anyone interested in taking advantage of the growing demand for recreational water activities. Customers can rent a variety of powerboats, jet skis, canoes and kayaks to enjoy the thrill of being out on the water. With the right setup, a Water sports rental business can provide a fun and profitable way to make money and stay connected with customers.

  • Attracts customers looking for outdoor recreation and adventure.
  • Requires minimal startup costs and overheads .
  • The potential to offer unique rentals that will draw in customers.
  • Ability to expand by adding new products or services such as boat tours.
  • Potential to offer lessons or instruction for newcomers to water sports.

4. Boat Charter And Tour Operator.

A Boat charter and tour operator is a business that provides boat charters, rentals, and tours to its customers. This business idea has potential for great success due to the service it can provide. Customers can get out on the open water in a safe, secure vessel with a knowledgeable captain and crew. Benefits of this type of business include:

  • Generating revenue from boat charters, boat tours, and boat rentals.
  • Providing customers with an exciting and unique experience.
  • Creating an opportunity for local businesses to be promoted on the vessel.
  • Providing customers with knowledgeable captains who can offer advice and recommendations.
  • Increasing customer satisfaction by catering to their needs and preferences.

5. Marine Research Center.

A Marine research center is a business founded on the purpose of conducting scientific research, experiments, and data collection on oceanic life and the marine environment. A Marine research center would make a great business opportunity because:

  • It can help to better understand the delicate ecosystem of oceans and how to protect it
  • The data collected can be used to create more efficient and environmentally friendly practices for the fishing industry or other marine-related businesses
  • It can be monetized by producing scientific articles, licensing the data for use in other projects or studies, or consulting services for businesses seeking information about oceanic health
  • It is a great way to promote public awareness and education about ocean conservation

6. Wet Suit And Waterproof Gear Manufacturing Business.

Starting a Wet Suit and Waterproof Gear Manufacturing business can be a great opportunity for those looking to offer products geared towards water-based activities. By producing high-quality wet suits and other water accessories, businesses can provide practical solutions for their customers and reap the rewards of their success. Here are some of the benefits of starting this type of business:

  • Ability to customize and tailor wet suits and water gear to meet customer needs
  • Highly profitable market with a wide range of potential clients
  • Low overhead costs as most production happens within the business itself
  • Opportunity to provide additional services such as repairs and maintenance
  • Access to resources such as factories that can help with production

7. Underwater Photography Service.

Underwater photography is a photography service that involves photographing animals, plants and objects underwater. It’s a great business idea because it offers an exciting opportunity to create unique content while working closely with nature. Here are some of the benefits of offering an underwater photography service:

  • Creative freedom – You can use the colors and movement of the water to your advantage.
  • Builds trust – Potential customers will see you as having a deep knowledge of water, sea creatures, and environments.
  • Provides opportunities for capturing unique shots – Underwater photography often provides stunning results
  • Can be combined with environmental education –You can reach potential customers through environmental initiatives and workshops.

8. Boatyard And Storage Facility.

Starting a boatyard and storage facility can be a great business idea as it offers a much-needed service to boat owners. It provides a convenient storage space for boat owners and helps to make water-based activities more accessible. There are various benefits to starting such a business, including:

  • Increased demand – Many individuals and businesses are looking for boat storage solutions.
  • Low overhead costs – A boatyard and storage facility does not require substantial upfront or ongoing investments.
  • Flexible pricing options – Different customers have different budgets and you can offer flexible pricing plans to cater for these different needs.
  • Easy access – Boatyards provide easy access to boats, allowing you to offer services such as launch and retrieve or maintenance services.
  • Expanding market – More people are getting into boating, so there is potential for growth in the industry.

9. Ship Supply Store.

A ship supply store is a retail outlet that specializes in selling items related to ships, including food and beverages, spare parts, navigation instruments, and other miscellaneous supplies. It is a great business idea for a number of reasons:

  • It requires a relatively small initial investment.
  • It is easy to find customers.
  • There is a need for specialized ship items which can be difficult to find elsewhere.
  • The potential profit margin is high.

10. Submarine Tour Operator.

A Submarine tour operator is a business that offers guided tours or rides in a submarine. It can be a great business idea for entrepreneurs who are interested in aquatic activities and have the resources to purchase and maintain a submarine.

  • Submarine tours offer customers an up close and personal view of the underwater world.
  • Submarines are unique, interesting vessels that draw attention to your business.
  • Submarine tours can be customized based on customer needs and preferences.
  • A submarine tour operator can provide educational experiences which can promote ocean conservation awareness.
  • A submarine tour operator can charge premium prices due to the unique experience they offer.
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Successful Examples of Marine Businesses:

Successful companies in the marine business industry typically provide services related to recreational boating, commercial shipping, boat building and repair, and shipping technology. Here are some examples of successful companies in the marine business industry:

  • Starcraft Marine
  • Stratos Boats
  • Mercury Marine
  • Honda Marine
  • Caterpillar Marine Power Systems
  • Southwest Shipyard LP
  • Navico Inc.
  • Kongsberg Maritime AS
  • ExxonMobil Marine Fuels & Lubricants
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