10+ Best & Profitable Empty Lot Business Ideas [2023]

Looking for business ideas for an empty lot in 2023? Check out this list of 10+ profitable businesses you can start – from food trucks to rooftop gardens and more! Get inspired and make your empty lot a money-maker.

By Nick Cotter
Updated Feb 07, 2024

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Have you ever walked past an empty lot and thought, "What a waste of space"? I know I have. But what if I told you that these seemingly useless plots of land could be your ticket to financial freedom? Yes, you heard right! The year 2023 is all about turning the tables and making the most out of what we often overlook.

Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur looking for your next big venture, or a seasoned businessperson searching for an innovative idea, this article is for you. We're about to unveil a treasure trove of business ideas that can transform an empty lot into a gold mine.

So, buckle up, because we're diving headfirst into the world of opportunities that await you in 2023. Let's explore the top 10+ best and profitable empty lot business ideas together. It's time to turn that 'waste of space' into a 'wealth of opportunities'!

Plant Nursery

A Plant nursery is a business that specializes in the sale of plants, shrubs, trees, and other related materials. It's a great business idea because it can be relatively low cost to start-up and maintain, and it offers a variety of products for customers to choose from. Additionally, there are numerous benefits to running a plant nursery:

  • Opportunity to specialize in certain plants or vegetation.
  • Ability to create unique seedling combinations, or "recipes," that appeal to customers.
  • Ability to offer gardening services as an additional revenue stream.
  • Potential to expand into a home delivery service.
  • Opportunity to offer events such as workshops and planting festivals.
image of a Plant Nursery

Food Truck Lot

A food truck lot is a business idea that involves renting out space to food trucks in an empty lot. A food truck lot would make a great business idea for many reasons:

  • It creates a central location for people to find a variety of food trucks.
  • It could attract tourists who may be eager to try out the different foods offered.
  • It can help generate foot traffic in the area.
  • The owner of the lot would benefit from receiving rental fees from the food vendors, as well as potentially other businesses in the area.
  • There is potential for additional income from renting out space to vendors who may not have their own carts, like those selling souvenirs, clothing and accessories.
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Examples of successful businesses:

The following are examples of successful companies in the empty lot business industry:

  • AMP Robotics Corporation
  • USLI
  • Grit Development Strategies
  • CarMax
  • LingelbachDevelopers Group
  • Landmark Properties LLC
  • The Blum Companies (TBC)
  • Hampshire Companies
  • LNR Partners

Flea Market

A flea market is an open air market which offers a variety of goods for sale, typically by individuals. It is an attractive business idea for several reasons:

  • Low overhead costs – some flea markets do not require any rent payment to participate, making them a cost-effective way of launching a business
  • Ability to offer unique goods – because flea markets are largely populated with individual sellers, it is likely that goods and wares being sold will be unique and special in some way
  • Easy access to customers – many flea markets are held in areas with high foot-traffic and visibility, providing a great platform to introduce goods or services to potential customers.
  • A sense of community – shoppers at flea markets have the opportunity to interact with each other and become part of a local network, increasing their potential customer base.

Outdoor Event Venue

An outdoor event venue is a location or space that can be used to host events such as weddings, conventions, festivals, and more. Outdoor event venues can offer multiple services from catering to providing the necessary furnishings for the guests. This makes them an ideal business idea for entrepreneurs looking to enter the hospitality or event planning industry.

  • Access to natural surroundings can add an element of beauty and ambiance for guests
  • Outdoor event venues cater to many different types of events
  • This type of business opens up opportunities for additional services such as catering and decorations
  • The ability to be creative with the use of outdoor space makes it a unique offering
  • Advertising potential is great due to the fact that they allow you to reach a larger audience than indoor venues

Recreational Sports Court

A recreational sports court is a facility designed to provide athletes with a space to practice, play and enjoy a wide variety of sports. It can be used for sports such as basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton, and other activities like agility training. This makes it an ideal business idea because it offers many opportunities for making money. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Generates revenue from facility rental fees and services
  • Reaches out to athletes of various abilities and fitness levels
  • Provides a safe space for players to socialize and exercise
  • Can be used for tournaments, skill development sessions, or corporate team-building events
  • Offers additional services such as equipment rental and trainers

Drive-in Movie Theater

A drive-in movie theater is a great business idea for people who enjoy the outdoors and movies. It combines the traditional movie-going experience with the convenience of enjoying it from your own vehicle. There are lots of advantages to having a drive-in movie theater, such as:

  • It can accommodate more people than indoor theaters because attendees can watch movies from their own vehicles.
  • It allows for social distancing, thus making it safer than an indoor theater.
  • You can save money on construction costs and on utilities since you don’t need to build an indoor theater or pay for air conditioning.
  • You can bring in additional income with food concessions.
  • It brings in a unique movie-going experience that appeals to many people who like the nostalgic feel of drive-in movie theaters.
  • It offers great visibility of the movies due to its outdoor setting.

Storage Facility

A storage facility is a facility used for the storage and management of goods, materials, or items. It provides customers with a secure space to store their possessions in an organized and accessible manner. A storage facility can make a great business opportunity if it offers convenient and affordable solutions to customers who need extra space for their items. Here are some benefits of starting a storage facility:

  • Provides additional revenue stream
  • Low overhead costs
  • Opportunity to serve local customers
  • Flexible hours and self-managed operations
  • Minimal staff requirements

Outdoor Cafe

A outdoor cafe is a restaurant or coffee shop that is located outdoors, usually in a public area. Outdoor cafes are popular because they allow people the opportunity to enjoy their food or drink in the natural surroundings. As such, an outdoor cafe could make for a great business idea for those looking to start a restaurant.

  • Outdoor cafes can be located in parks or other public areas providing access to potential customers.
  • Outdoor cafes provide customers with an experience that can't be matched indoors, allowing them to enjoy their food while enjoying nature.
  • Outdoor cafes can eliminate some of the overhead costs associated with having an indoor establishment.
  • An outdoor cafe can attract more customers than an indoor location, especially during good weather.

Community Garden

A community garden is a shared space where people come together to grow fruits, vegetables, herbs, and/or flowers. It provides an opportunity for people to share knowledge and resources in order to create a more sustainable and productive garden. It also provides a place for people to build community, create meaningful relationships, and foster pride and ownership in the local area.

  • It encourages people to bond together, build relationships and gain knowledge about growing produce.
  • It provides an opportunity for people to access fresh produce at a lower cost than buying at a store.
  • Community gardens can also provide jobs or businesses within the local area.
  • It can be used as a platform to educate local residents on topics such as gardening, nutrition, food safety, waste management and environmental stewardship.

Public Park

A public park is a large open space, usually maintained by a local government or authority, and often used for recreation or conservation. It typically consists of grass, trees, footpaths, and sometimes a body of water. Public parks make great business ideas because they can serve as family-friendly attractions for locals and tourists alike.

  • Public parks provide an attractive setting for people to spend time outdoors.
  • They can also be great locations for events such as concerts and festivals.
  • Public parks provide a way to boost local tourism by providing an ideal destination for visitors.
  • They can also be used as an economic driver by creating jobs through the development of cafes, sports facilities, and other recreational activities.


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