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10+ Best & Profitable Drone Photography Business Ideas in 2023

The drone industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the modern world, and nowhere is this more evident than the increased prevalence of drone photography business endeavors. In fact, businesses relying on professional photographers using drones have seen unprecedented levels of success in recent years, with some estimates suggesting that the sector is worth around $127 billion USD in 2023. Drones offer a unique way to capture stunning aerial images without the need for human operators and so, represent a fantastic opportunity for enterprising individuals looking to make a profit from drone photography. Here are 10 of the best and most profitable drone photography business ideas for 2023 that you can use to jumpstart your own venture into this burgeoning industry.

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April 2, 2023
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Table of Contents:

Our List of 10+ Best Drone Photography Business Ideas:

1. Real Estate Photography.

Real estate photography is the specialty of capturing images of buildings and surrounding areas intended for use in real estate marketing. This type of photography can be extremely beneficial for businesses who specialize in real estate, as professional photographs can help to attract potential buyers or tenants. Some benefits of professional real estate photography include:

  • Creating attractive visual images to draw in buyers
  • Providing a realistic view and accurate representation of properties
  • Improving the marketability and promotability of properties
  • Ensuring that listing photos are high quality and professional

2. Wedding & Event Photography.

Wedding and event photography is a great business idea for capturing the special moments at a wedding or event. It involves taking professional photographs, often with a focus on emotions, moments and quality. There are several benefits to this type of photography:

  • Memories that last a lifetime
  • The ability to capture unique moments
  • A sense of joyfulness and satisfaction knowing that you provided quality photographs to your clients
  • A way to showcase your creative side as a photographer
  • Potential to grow your portfolio as a photographer
  • Opportunities to network with other photographers in the same field

3. Film & Television Aerial Shots.

A film & television aerial shot involves capturing footage from a remote-controlled aircraft, such as a drone or a helicopter. This type of shot is often used for establishing shots, aerial tracking shots, and to capture images from a height that is impossible from the ground. A business idea to provide this type of service can be very lucrative and offer customers a unique service:

  • Fast and efficient services
  • High quality footage services
  • Cost effective services for customers
  • Competitive rates for customers
  • Ability to provide aerial shots in difficult-to-reach places
  • Access to professional aerial equipment and personnel

4. Industrial & Commercial Photography.

Industrial and commercial photography is the art of capturing images of industrial and commercial environments, products, and people. It is becoming increasingly popular as businesses are looking to create a visual element in their marketing campaigns, websites, and brochures. This type of photography can be used in many different industries such as manufacturing, construction, hospitality, medical, and technology. Industrial and commercial photography can make a great business idea because it offers a number of advantages:

  • It gives businesses a way to showcase their products or services in an attractive way
  • It helps to create a professional look for business materials
  • It allows businesses to capture images in their own environment rather than relying on stock images
  • It allows businesses to create images that are unique and tailored to their specific needs
  • It is cost effective compared to other forms of marketing or advertising

5. Mapping & Surveying Services.

Mapping and surveying services is a great business idea for those looking to offer a service in which location and mapping data are collected and analyzed. This type of business can provide essential information for many projects, from architectural design to city planning.

  • Identify boundaries
  • Identify topographic features
  • Verify existing infrastructure
  • Make precise measurements
  • Map remote areas
  • Collect aerial data
  • Construct laser models of spaces

6. Search & Rescue Operations.

Search and Rescue (SAR) operations provide critical services to individuals in a variety of emergency situations. SAR operations involve locating, extricating and providing medical assistance to people in distress due to injury, illness or being lost in the outdoors. It is a highly specialized field that requires a deep knowledge of first-aid, navigation, rafting, evacuation and the use of various specialized equipment. SAR operations can make a good business idea as it provides an essential service and is in high demand.

  • It's an essential service that is highly demanded
  • Provides excellent job security that comes with high responsibility
  • It develops a sense of purpose which can be extremely rewarding
  • SAR professionals have knowledge that can be utilized for public speaking or other events
  • Involves the use of sophisticated equipment and technology
  • Can lead to lucrative business partnerships

7. Wildlife Conservation Photography.

Wildlife conservation photography is a photography style dedicated to the preservation of wildlife, their environments, and occasional conservation messages. It typically involves taking photographs of animals in the wild, as well as capturing scenes or moments of interactions between animals and their habitats. It makes a great business idea because:

  • It can be used to raise awareness about important issues with regards to nature and conservation
  • It can be used to promote businesses that are committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship
  • It provides a unique way for people to connect with nature in an aesthetically pleasing way
  • It can be used to create beautiful art prints for home or office decor
  • It can provide income for photographers who have a passion for wildlife conservation

8. Agricultural Monitoring & Surveying Services.

Agricultural monitoring & surveying services provide farmers with the data and tools necessary for effective farm management. These services use modern technology and precision GPS-based mapping technology to track crop yields, soil conditions, weather information, and other important metrics. With these services, farmers can make decisions that improve their crop yields, reduce the cost of input materials, maximize the use of available resources, and increase overall productivity.

  • Provide data and tools for effective farm management
  • Use modern technology and precision mapping technology
  • Track crop yields, soil conditions, weather information and more
  • Enable farmers to make more informed decisions
  • Reduce input costs and maximize resources for increased productivity

9. 3D Modeling.

3D modeling is the process of creating a three-dimensional representation of an object or environment through computer programs. This can be used for a variety of applications including product design, animation, and virtual reality. Creating 3D models is a creative and technical process that requires specialized skills and knowledge of 3D software, so offering 3D modeling services could be a great business idea. Here are some benefits to consider:

  • High demand for high-quality 3D models
  • Ability to create unique, custom models
  • Ability to offer services in a range of industries
  • Opportunity to develop relationships with clients
  • Potential to charge higher rates due to specialized skillset

10. Law Enforcement Surveillance.

Law enforcement surveillance is the practice of monitoring people and activities in order to gather information and detect criminal activity. It can be used by business owners to gain insights that they would otherwise not be able to attain. Here are some of the benefits of using law enforcement surveillance as a business idea:

  • Gathering information about competitors
  • Preventing theft and other illicit activities
  • Monitoring customer activity for patterns or trends
  • Keeping employees accountable on premises
  • Providing an additional layer of security for places of business or establishments
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Successful Examples of Drone Photography Businesses:

Drone photography has become increasingly popular for capturing aerial photographs and videos in the past few years. Some of the most successful companies in this field include:

  • Skycatch
  • DroneDeploy
  • Airware
  • Dronebase
  • Skydio
  • CoGo
  • Altavian
  • PrecisionHawk
  • Kespry
  • <
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