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9+ Creative Spa Business Card Ideas & Templates.

Whether you own a day spa, medi spa, or another type of health and beauty business, having a unique and attractive business card is essential for success. It can be used to make a lasting impression with potential clients and to build brand awareness. To ensure yours stands out from the crowd, explore these nine creative spa business card ideas and templates.

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February 17, 2023
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Table of Contents:

Simple Spa Business Card Templates.

A simple spa business card design 1A simple spa business card design 2A simple spa business card design 3

Creative Spa Business Card Templates.

A creative spa business card design 1A creative spa business card design 2A creative spa business card design 3

Unique Spa Business Card Templates.

A unique spa business card design 1A unique spa business card design 2A unique spa business card design 3

Questions About Spa Business Cards.

What should be on a spa business card?

A spa business card should include the spa's name, its location (including address and phone number), its website and social media addresses, an email address, and possibly an emblem or logo representing the business.

What are some unique spa business card ideas?

For unique spa business card ideas, consider incorporating a luxurious yet simple design. Try mixing bold fonts with simple line designs and minimalistic elements. For an extra touch of elegance, use raised ink printing techniques to add texture and depth to the card. Additionally, you could opt for oblong-shaped cards that stand out from a stack of regular-sized business cards. Here are some other ideas for creating an extraordinary spa business card:

  • Include high-quality images or artwork related to your spa’s services.
  • Incorporate various textures into the design, such as velvet or coarse paper.
  • Use metallic gold or silver printing for a subtle yet vibrant look.
  • Add a personalized QR code for customers to access your website even easier.

How much do spa business cards cost?

The cost of spa business cards vary depending on the complexity of design, quality of printing, and quantity ordered. Generally, you can expect spa business cards to cost anywhere from a few cents per card to several dollars each.


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