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9+ Creative Pilot Business Card Ideas & Templates.

Business cards are often the first impression you make with potential partners, clients, and coworkers. Pilot business cards offer an opportunity to stand out from the standard fare of business cards by adding a creative flair to your design. In this article, we'll provide nine creative pilot business card ideas and templates that you can use to create a unique, ownable look that captures the spirit of your brand.

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February 17, 2023
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Table of Contents:

Simple Pilot Business Card Templates.

A simple pilot business card design 1A simple pilot business card design 2A simple pilot business card design 3

Creative Pilot Business Card Templates.

A creative pilot business card design 1A creative pilot business card design 2A creative pilot business card design 3

Unique Pilot Business Card Templates.

A unique pilot business card design 1A unique pilot business card design 2A unique pilot business card design 3

Questions About Pilot Business Cards.

What should be on a pilot business card?

A pilot’s business card should typically include their name, company or affiliation, their contact information such as a phone number and email address, the type of aircraft they fly, any licenses or certifications they have, and any additional services they offer.

What are some unique pilot business card ideas?

  • An interesting and fun pilot business card design could incorporate aircrafts and plane related imagery, such as a propeller or airplane window view.
  • Adding bold colors that evoke a sense of adventure could make the business card really stand out.
  • You could use a shape that ties in with aviation, such as an aeroplane or cloud silhouette.
  • Use unique typography to make an impact, or alternatively incorporate some airline related lingo or terms in the text to make the business card humorous yet professional.
  • You could also utilize a headshot of the pilot themselves to create a memorable and personalized experience for potential customers.

How much do pilot business cards cost?

The cost of Pilot business cards depends on the quantity ordered and the specific design and printing options selected. Pilot offers a variety of options ranging from premium card stock to extra die-cutting and foil stamping. Generally, Pilot business card prices start at around $30 for 100 standard cards printed on glossy cardstock, though more complex orders can cost significantly more.


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